E-marketing gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price and, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Specific benefits of e-marketing include:

On Demand Marketing: As compared to interruptive nature of advertisement on TV and other medias, where ad is shown to even those people .who don’t want to see, Internet provides On-Demand Information. People search on net what they want and when they want.

Low cost and high return on investment. Hundred times cheaper than conventional marketing tools like TV or News Paper advertisement. Just compare the cost of printing a full News Paper Ad for one Day vs. the cost of e-mailing to 25,000 e-mail addresses. Internet is clearly the winner.


Durable & Cost Effective An advertisement in a newspaper is worthless the day (perhaps two days) after the paper is released. Having a booth at a business fair or conference only lasts as long as the conference – it doesn’t reach anybody once it is over. And the costs of both print ads and conferences can rack up quickly. On the other hand, apart from details such as dates and prices, much of your website content will still be valid and viewable years after you’ve done the work to launch it and the costs are much more reasonable than print.You can choose when you want to pay for people to see your ads online. Pay for every time someone sees your ad, or only when they click on it. You can even have them fill out a form that identifies them or just pay when you actually get a sale from another website. With print you pay the same, no matter how much business it generates.

Easy distribution of information and media to global audience, like Webinars has taken place of Seminars.

Easy to target local market (Geo Marketing) as well Global Market (You don’t need to be a huge Multi-National to access International clients)

Measurable Results: Biggest advantage of Internet Marketing is the measurability. You can obtain detailed information about customers’ responses to your advertising. Examples are: How many people saw your advertisement banners How many clicked on them How many asked information or a price quote How many sales resulted from that campaign How many people came to your website per day AND exactly what key words they used to find it Calculate the profits per 1,000 visitors on THAT specific keyword How many pages people looked at What section of your site is most popular What is the most frequent “exit page” (where users leave your site) How many visitors are NEW to the site and how many are repeat-visits?


By contrast, data for Conventional Marketing operates within “estimates” or averages. Getting exact numbers of sales that result from a specific ad in a newspaper or magazine is both difficult and expensive.

Broad and Targeted Audience . As Internet users are increasing, internet marketing is getting more and more effective.

One-to-One Marketing . As most of internet users, use internet alone, it’s more effective for selling products which has personal nature. Even for other Products decision making is faster.

Interactive Marketing: Internet marketing is interactive by nature, both in terms of providing instant feedback and eliciting responses. Internet marketers are able to collect data about specific users, through the use of online registration forms, quizzes and surveys- or through computer “cookies,” (that track where kids surf, how long they stay there, and what they download.)

Quick Results: As compared to TV ad or other conventional marketing means, user gets all information at one place. And in the mean time sell on the same time.(E-Commerce Sites)

Always available: Either your business is 24 hours open or not; your Web shop sells round the clock all seasons. Even if no staff is in your office, visitors will come to your website. Your website NEVER closes. Bring more visitors to your company. Convert those visitors into more customers. Generate more revenue.

Low Cost, Quick Updation: You have a change in your offerings? Its easy and virtually no cost to change your website and online advertisement. Compare it with TV Ad or Radio Ad. You will have to pay lot of price for that.

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