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Are you ready to start your Digital Marketing Campaign? 

Now you can reach the potential customers easily with our practical Marketing & Digital Marketing Diploma.

Diploma Outline Includes:

        What is the different between marketing and sales?

       How to make Market Research And developing the research plan


       Marketing mix (product - price- place- promotions)

       SWAT analysis

       Targeting and Positioning

       How to create your SMART Objectives

       Customer VS Consumer and why some of our strategy fail

       Information about promotions channels and how you can chose your best channel in Online and offline market.

       Also known that how you can evaluate your marketing plan?

       Digital marketing:

       Introduction to Digital Marketing & Online Consumer Behavior

        E-marketing channels overview

       Brand protection

       How you can chose your domain name

       Difference between Host and domain

       Difference between static –Dynamic websites

       Difference between Google Adwords- Google Adsense – SEO

       Google Adwords campaigns

       Google Adsense campaigns

       All about SEO

       Inside optimization (website structure – content – meta tags – Site map ….etc)

       Backlinks (how to build your website backlinks and give you tools for that)

       Landing pages

       Remarketing Ads

       Google Adwords

       The importance of Google adwords

       How to chose your keywords for your Ads campaign

        How to start your Google Adwords Campaign

       Social media marketing (SMM)


       What is the difference between ( Facebook page – group – account)

       How to manage your Facebook page ( content – engagement – ads)

       All about Facebook ads and we will start companies as work shop


       How to use Instgram

       Ads on Instgram


       Video marketing

        How to create your Youtube channel

        How to add your videos on Youtube

       Kinds of ads on Youtube

       How to start your campaigns on Youtube

       Google Adsense

       The importance of Google Adsense

       How to create your Ads campaign

       Email marketing

       Affiliate marketing

       Introduction about Affiliate marketing

       How to make money from affiliate marketing

       Samples websites which have affiliate programs

       How to start?

       Explain SEOestore affiliate program


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